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NEWS - Consultation on Avebury Reburial Request:
Text of response written by Jenny Blain for the Sacred Sites project
and press release from HAD.

Book - Sacred Sites, Contested Rites/Rights
J. Blain and R. J. Wallis - Sussex Academic Press June 2007.
Order from Gazelle Book Services Ltd.

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What is on this website?

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More articles from the project are in the research repository at Sheffield Hallam - access via

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Current materials include amongst others:

  • News statements and press releases from project. Includes Avebury consultation and Prittlewell Protest - Priory Park 'Camp Bling' (Essex).
  • Reports and statements including final report from our ESRC-funded study of heritage and pagan discourses; submission to PDNAP on Stanton Moor quarry applications (March 2004); also various submissions and reports on the reburial issue, on Stonehenge access, and others
  • several conference and other papers from the project
  • a discussion document prepared earlier by the project (spring 2002) which gave an overview and some details of issues we are continuing to examine
  • More general Information about events, threats and campaigns

We hope that these documents will encourage debate and discussion toward finding a solution to problems related to Sacred Sites and their meanings and use within today's Britain, and relevance to situations elsewhere.

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The Association of Social Anthropologists conference April 2009.

Some photographs of project directors at conferences, fieldtrips etc here.

Tim and others at Stonehenge, 2001 summer solstice
In memory of Tim Sebastion, chosen chief of the Secular Order of Druids, died 1 Feb 2007. Please see the pages in his honour at
Thornborough under threat again - news 9th Jan 2007 and subsequently - seems that Ladybridge quarry, under revised plans, has been given go-ahead. Please see other Thornborough sites, and review in the context of the campaigns there and the gains made since the previous quarry threat.
Thornborough had a (brief) reprieve in 2006 - See Guardian article at,,1714768,00.html?gusrc=rss
Image of Nora Morris at Stonehenge, 2002 solsticeThe Sacred Sites, Contested Rights/Rites project honours the memory of Nora Morris, long-standing peace campaigner, negotiator for solstice access to Stonehenge and major contributor to the 'peace process'.

Nora passed away on 8th January, 2006. She was a friend to many, a great lady to those who hold her in memory.

This photograph was taken for the project at Stonehenge summer solstice access, 2002, with her permission.


Photography conference paper copyright A. Letcher, J Blain, R.J.Wallis 2003. All other material from the Sacred Sites, Contested Rights Project is copyright J. Blain and/or R.J.Wallis 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.

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NOTE: Email address for Robert Wallis listed on some articles on this site may be old - please use the project email to contact him, or email him directly to

Some earlier articles by J. Blain on seidr and shamanism are available from The Troth website at or via Jenny's webpages (from sidebar).

The Sacred Sites, Contested Rights/Rites project is directed by Dr Jenny Blain (Sheffield Hallam University) and Dr Robert J. Wallis (Richmond University).

The project received pilot funding from the Human Rights Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University. An ESRC award, ref. RES-000-22-0074, funded employment of Dr Andy Letcher as researcher (January 2003 - October 2003) and enabled production of conference presentations and draft papers.

Read ESRC press release about the project.

Read Final Report to ESRC.

We are applying for further funding to extend the project. Meanwhile, we're writing... Sacred Sites, Contested Rites/Rights is forthcoming from Sussex Academic Press in June 2007.

The Sacred Sites Project welcomes enquiries from potential researchers or potential post-graduate students with an interest in this area.

The Sacred Sites Project welcomes enquiries from those with an interest in promoting or sponsoring research in this area.

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