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Several of our more recent articles in journals etc. are in the Sheffield Hallam University Research Repository at Some can't be available (copyright restrictions) so please contact us.

Earlier conference papers include amongst others those given at: Landscapes and Seascapes conference, Sheffield; Archaeology in the Public Domain, Sheffield; The Folklore Society, Folklore and Archaeology, Cardiff; 5th Cambridge Heritage Seminar; BSA Study of Religions group 2003 (Texts and Contexts); ASANAS; Tourism and Photography (Still Visions, Changing Lives); TAG 2003; ASA 2004; and TAG 2005. See 'Project Events' for details.

We are selectively making some material available here. Various articles and chapters are available or in print in journals or books - again see 'Project Events' for recent work. Published work may be reprinted here if/when permissions are granted. (Some publishers are willing for pdfs to be web-published a year after journal publication. Some are big files.)

Articles on this site:

The Sacred Sites, Contested Rights/Rites project is directed by Dr Jenny Blain (Sheffield Hallam University) and Dr Robert J. Wallis (Richmond University).

The Sacred Sites Project welcomes enquiries from potential researchers or potential post-graduate students with an interest in this area.

The Sacred Sites Project welcomes enquiries from those with an interest in promoting or sponsoring research in this area.

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