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Sacred Sites, Contested Rites/Rights
J. Blain and R. J. Wallis, Sussex Academic Press 2007
Book flyer and description at
Gazelle Book Services Ltd.
Researching Paganisms
J.Blain, D Ezzy, G Harvey (eds.), Altamira 2004
Cutting edge of reflexive research with contributions from many disciplines.
Book flyer and description at AltaMira

Amazon link is on the right.
Nine Worlds of Seid-Magic
J. Blain, Routledge 2002.
Ethnographic study of practitioners re-creating north European 'shamanistic' practice for today.
Book flyer and description at Routledge
Practitioner review at here
(and many others available on googling).

Amazon's keyword recommendations (their choice not ours!):

on Sacred Siteson British Prehistoryon Indigenous Religions
on Paganismon Shamanismon 'Heritage'
on theory in archaeologyon anthropologyon social identities

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The Sacred Sites, Contested Rights/Rites project is directed by Dr Jenny Blain (Sheffield Hallam University) and Dr Robert J. Wallis (Richmond University).

The Sacred Sites Project welcomes enquiries from potential researchers or potential post-graduate students with an interest in this area.

The Sacred Sites Project welcomes enquiries from those with an interest in promoting or sponsoring research in this area.

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